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      How does a Spotify gift work?

      How does the scan work?


      How to choose the ideal personalized Spotify bracelet to give as a gift?
      Do you want to surprise your partner or a friend with an original gift? A custom Spotify bracelet is a great option. But, how to choose the most suitable material, single engraving or double engraving? We are going to answer these questions today, in addition, you will discover more gift options with recorded Spotify songs. And it is that not everyone likes bracelets, but that should not stop you because we will give you product options that you can personalize with a song that reminds them of when they met or incredible moments they spent together. That said, let's see what you must have that Spotify bracelet engraved on it for it to become your ideal gift.

      Materials and Design. The first thing to consider is the material of the bracelet, necklace or keychain. To do this, you have to know that person very well (I guess you do). Because imagine if you give a leather Spotify bracelet to someone who doesn't like that material very much. The gift will not meet the goal of always being on hand to scan the code and hear that song that reminds him of you. And that's not what we want. Therefore, you have various options such as Spotify cloth, metal, ball, leather and metal bracelets, etc. .

      Personalization. If we talk about customizing a bracelet, don't just keep recording the code of a special song. You can go more there and create your own design including a special number, icon among all those that we have available in our extensive list or choose your own. With this option you will give even more value to this gift and that special person will keep it as a treasure. On the other hand, when creating your design you can choose the material or make a combination of these. In short, you will create your own bracelet. Not bad huh? With these two simple tips, you will be able to give the ideal bracelet as a gift. Is that person not to wear bracelets? Don't worry, there are more options for you. .

      Other products you can record a song on. In addition to the bracelets, you can also customize other products such as key rings. Who doesn't need one? We all use them, so if that special person doesn't like bracelets, this option is ideal. As if that were not enough, one of our keychains has the advantage that you can record the photo you want on it. Imagine accompanying the song that you both share as your favorite theme and a photo of both of you, is there a more personalized gift? I do not believe it. But it is that there is not everything, other gifts that you can personalize with a Spotify song are:
      Spotify rectangular plate with desktop stand: a plate with a personalized image and song so that that person always has it on their table.
      Spotify necklace:
      Not only can you wear your favorite song on a bracelet, but we also have the option of necklaces and pendants with a Spotify code song available.
      Spotify keychain: If you are not a fan of bracelets or necklaces, you can also have a Spotify gift by recording the song of one of our multiple keychains that we have on our website.
      Personalized Spotify cushion: ideal gift to share with friends, you can add an image and of course, that song that reminds them of good times and funny moments.
      Mug with dedicated song: another product that you can personalize, so while your partner or friend has tea or a coffee they can listen to their favorite song.
      Spotify style mobile phone case: customizing your mobile is also possible and here you can choose one for yourself or to give a gift on a special date.
      Puzzle Spotify: ideal gift for puzzle lovers, now you can not only have a puzzle with your photo but it will include the personalized message you want along with your favorite song or playlist.