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      Then, in this section, include what you want to incorporate within of circle, for example, the Spotify logo, an emoticon, a heart or even your own symbol.


      1st Option. If you want to record a template icon that appears at the end of the description, you must write in the section the number and letter that appears below the desired icon.

      2nd Option. If you want to record a number, you must fill in this section with an N and the number, that is, if you want to record the number 21, you must write N21. We recommend a maximum of 2 numbers so that these are clearly visible, due to the small size of the circle.

      3rd Option. If you want to write a lyrics, you must write the desired letter or letters. We recommend a maximum of 2 letters so that they are clearly visible, due to the small size of the circle.

      4th Option. If you want a custom icon, different from those that appear in the template, you must write in said section "Own" And send it to info@koencollections.com next to your order number.

      The combination of two or more options cannot be performed due to the small size of the circle, therefore, if two or more are chosen, only the option that appears first will be performed. 

      EXAMPLE 1: N21L 
      In this case, the icon with the number 21 will be made, the letter L will not appear.

      EXAMPLE 2: DR❤️
      In this case, the letters DR will be performed, the heart icon will not appear.

      This option is available for those products in which the Custom Icon section appears.

      Here you can see the icons for the engraving template: