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      Necklaces with dedicated Spotify song

      Looking for a necklace or pendant with code of Spotify song to make an original gift? Here you will find all kinds of designs of necklaces ideal to give to that special person, on his day, on that important date, with the song of Spotify that identifies you so much and thus be able to relive unforgettable moments.

      The customization options for our necklaces Spotify They are endless, customize yours to your liking! Choose the design you like the most or create your own, with the code  Spotify song what you want. Ideal to surprise your partner, friends, mother, father with your recorded song in a necklace, so they can play the song by scanning the code professional laser engraving in the necklace.

      Gifts Spotify for a gift original and personal, the best price!

      Spotify Flat Necklace Spotify Flat Necklace
      From 15,99€
      Unit price
      Necklace with Spotify Song Necklace with Spotify SongOn Sale
      From 15,99€ 16,99€
      Unit price
      Bar Necklace with Spotify Song Bar Necklace with Spotify SongOn Sale
      From 17,50€ 18,99€
      Unit price
      Pack of 2 Necklaces with Spotify Song Pack of 2 Necklaces with Spotify SongOn Sale
      From 28,50€ 29,99€
      Unit price
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